About Us

Tamalpais Trust is a twenty-year charitable lead family trust created in 2012. We are guided by the wisdom and practical expertise of Indigenous decision-makers in support of the growing global movement of Indigenous-led philanthropy. Indigenous-led grant partner organizations work globally, regionally and locally, protecting sacred lands and waters, holistic cultural lifeways, traditional knowledge, gender equity, and Indigenous human rights.

Grant funds support:

  • General operating expenses and/or funds for regranting to help increase organizational capacity to plan for, maintain and innovate infrastructure
  • Collaborative relationships between and among Indigenous-led organizations and networks
  • The development and promotion of Indigenous-led philanthropy
  • Indigenous forms of governance, with a special focus on women and youth leaders
  • Indigenous languages and intergenerational transmission of Indigenous knowledge
  • Holistic Indigenous economies—local, regional and global—focused on community well-being, food and/or healing
  • The dissemination and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

We are sorry not to accept unsolicited grant proposals, but are available to be in contact by email or phone to discuss your ideas.

Contact Us

  • P.O. Box 151048
  • San Rafael, CA 94915
  • 415.456.8787

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